Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788192006413

ISBN-10 8192006417


Number of Pages 36 Pages
Language (English)


Presenting the first in a series of books about exciting modern day professions, a welcome relief from the usual doctor, pilot and teacher! This richly illustrated, well researched book is packed with activities, projects, facts and lots more about interesting new occupations for children to explore.

Our fast changing, rapidly shrinking world has created space for almost every interest to become a fulfilling profession."Explore Modern Professions" introduces a few wonderful new professions to readers aged 8 years and above. This book is not meant to help children decide what they should be. Rather, we would like to present the options available and create awareness about them. We would like to encourage the philosophy that keeping an open mind and following your passion, complemented by aptitude and disciplined study leads to true success and lasting contentment.

We have endeavoured to provide our readers with a simple and realistic idea of the job profile of fifteen such professionals, to provide a selection of activities that are challenging and that develop visual, logical, inferential, spatial, mathematical and linguistic abilities. Furthermore, we have included "do at home" projects which are creative and encourage both working alone and with friends, so our readers can develop their ability to make decisions, be leaders, contributors and co-operators. Guaranteed to provide at least two hours of fun and learning on each spread.

Professions: Yoga Teacher, Marine Scientist, Chef, Choreographer, Aeronautical engineer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, News Anchor, Outdoor adventure guide, Banker, Sports physiotherapist, Ad film maker, Event manager, Retail manager, Music composer
Original Projects solo and Group: Set up shop, Creative Choreography, Filming Fun, Reporting Live, Surya Namaskar, Penchant for Penguins, Paperonics, Designing Dervish, Thrilling Tour, Caring Currency, Massage Magic, Party Pizzaz, Musical Maestro, Photo Op Exciting activities: Crosswords, Maths & Analysis, Mix and Fix, Logic and Deduction and many more

About this book:

Bindu Agarwal, Reading Specialist @ Reading Curve
?This delightful book exposes children to a broad platform of professions and allows them to explore their strengths while creating a spark to fuel their imagination. The detailed illustrations and interesting activities make it an entertaining and educational experience for them