ISBN 9788130912202,Exploring International Human Rights: Essential Readings

Exploring International Human Rights: Essential Readings



Viva Books Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788130912202

ISBN-10 8130912201


Number of Pages 312 Pages
Language (English)


Bringing together key selections that represent the full range of philosophical debates, policy analyses, and first-hand accounts, the editors offers a comprehensive and accessible set of readings on the major themes and issues in the field of international human rights. The reader has been carefully designed to enhance students understanding not only of human rights, but also of differing perspectives on the topic.

Table of Contents
What are Human Rights?


What are human rights?
What future for economic and social rights?
Basic rights
The philosophical foundations of human rights

Measuring Human Rights


The Limitations of using quantitative data in studying human rights abuses
Measuring human rights: Some issues and options
The Political terror scale
How are these pictures different? A quantitative comparison of the US state department and amnesty international human rights reports,1976-1995
Using the physical quality of life index to explore the level of subsistence rights

International Law and Organizations in the Fight for Human Rights


The normative and institutional evolution of international human rights
The international criminal court controversy
Refugee flows as grounds for international action
Activists beyond borders: advocacy networks in international politics

Are Human Rights Universal?


The rhetoric of asian values
Relativism and universalism in human Rights: The case of the islamic middle east
American muslims and a meaningful human rights discourse in the aftermath of September 11,2001
Restraining universalism: Africanist perspectives on cultural relativism in the human rights discourse

Witness to Torture


Auschwitz: A doctor’s eyewitness account
A cambodian odyssey
One day in my life
The tenth circle of hell
Machete season

Gender-Based Repression


Disposable people: New slavery in the global economy
Trafficking in women’s bodies, then and now: The issue of military "comfort women"
Rights of women within islamic communities
Female circumcision comes to america

Children as Targets


Child labor as a human rights Issue: Efforts, mistakes, and solutions,
Child marriage in afghanistan and pakistan
Child slaves in modern India: The bonded labor problem
The sex trade industry’s worldwide exploitation of children
The political economy of war-affected children

Globalization and Human Rights


Achieving human rights: The globalization debate
Globalization and human rights
The tragedy of tauccamarca: A human rights perspective on the pesticide poisoning deaths of 24 children in the peruvian andes
Strategic violations: The outsourcing of human rights abuses,
The singer solution to world poverty

Human Rights in the War on Terror Introduction Human rights violations as a catalyst for terrorist activity Leading by example? U.S. interrogation of prisoners in the war on terror Human rights post – September 11, Index