ISBN 9788184049794,Extend The Cics Explorer: A Better Way To Manage Your Cics

Extend The Cics Explorer: A Better Way To Manage Your Cics


Shroff Publishers



Shroff Publishers

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788184049794

ISBN-10 818404979X


Number of Pages 336 Pages
Language (English)


CICS Explorer is the latest significant evolution in the management and analysis of your CICS environment. It is a statement of intent from the CICS Development organization, which is determined to ensure you can manage your CICS estate in a simple and easily extensible way, using a combination of the following approaches: Tried and trusted CICS expertise and technology The widely accepted user interfaces and integration power of the open source Eclipse platform Web 2.0 and Restful programming (this technology underpins the CICS Explorer concept)This IBM Redbooks publication shows how you can use the extensible design of CICS Explorer to complement the functionality already provided, with added functionality tailored to the needs of your business.We show you how to perform the following tasks: Install the CICS plug-in SDK into your eclipse environment Develop a simple plug-in for the CICS Explorer Deploy the plug-in into CICS ExplorerWe provide several useful examples of plug-ins that we developed during the residency using the methodology we describe. The starting point for the book is that you already have CICS Explorer installed and configured with connectivity to your CICS region or CICSPlex , and that you are looking for ways to customize CICS Explorer.