ISBN 9780141339313,Eye of the Falcon (Gods and Warriors Boo

Eye of the Falcon (Gods and Warriors Boo

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Penguin Books India

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780141339313

ISBN-10 0141339314


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


The winter seems like it's never going to end, and spring looks like it's not coming anytime soon. Thalakrea's eruption has covered the skies in ash, blotting out the sun. Hylas comes to the island of Keftiu, driven by destiny. Hylas is fuelled by a need to find his friends: Pirra, the daughter of the High Priestess, and Havoc the lion cub. However, this island has been ravaged by the fury of the gods, and the cold, famine and plague have worked their worst on it. Hylas is alone in his quest, and he is constantly plagued by the thought that even if he does manage to find them, the cold would have done its worst to Pirra and Havoc.