ISBN 9780007532971,Eyes Wide Open : How To Make Smart Decisions In A Confusing World

Eyes Wide Open : How To Make Smart Decisions In A Confusing World


Noreena Hertz


William Collins



William Collins

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780007532971

ISBN-10 0007532970


Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)

Business & Economics

Most of us think we make decisions for the right reasons: we scour books, we talk over options with our friends, we search the internet, we ask experts, we look at data or we trust our guts. But how hard do we scrutinise those we listen to? How much do we interrogate the information they provide? Are we open to new ways of tackling problems? Or are we swayed by how we've made decisions in the past? Noreena Hertz reveals the extent to which life-altering, businessaffecting, policy determining and also health defining decisions are being made based on partial information, assumed wisdoms, corrupted data and insufficient scrutiny. She provides a clear, practical toolkit for how you can be a smarter decision-maker and better problem-solver. Whether knowing when to trust experts and when to trust the internet or how you can be unconsciously swayed by certain behaviours or phoney stats, this books instructs you how to make better choices and more accurate predictions through your personal life, your work and all your decisions. About the Author Noreena Hertz is currently Associate Director at the Centre for International Business and Management at Cambridge University. With the critically acclaimed publication of 'The Silent Takeover' and 'IOU' she has become recognised as a leading expert on economic globalization. Her television and radio appearances include question Time, Newsnight, Start the Week and the World at One, amongst others. Noreena also regularly takes part in debates and panels with leading public figures.