ISBN 9789380154923,F Factor

F Factor



Leadstart Publishing

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380154923

ISBN-10 9380154925


Number of Pages 234 Pages
Language (English)


"If you follow all the rules, you will miss all the fun." This was the first thing which caught my eyes when I entered room number twenty four, which was my address for next four years. I tried to have a better look. A computer with speakers everywhere was kept on table. Posters of Archie's and a mood board with graphics, designs and silhouettes, and one picture board covered the walls. There were pictures of five school girls in white shirts and coffee colored skirts, one picture of mother and daughter in Darjeeling, one picture of a smart girl with smarter Aditi Govitrikar, one picture of NIFT entrance with logo prominently shining in back drop. I noticed that there was no picture of Daddy and daughter... This was the start of my journey to be a NIFTIAN and belong to that place... Will a simple, small town Girl will adapt herself to big, bad, glamorous and glittering world of Fashion? Will this studious girl successfully match up to the limelight of the Fashion industry? Haunting questions, but only was to be only was to be answered by future...

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