ISBN 9780571301973,Faber Moderns : Bunker 13

Faber Moderns : Bunker 13


Faber & Faber



Faber & Faber

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780571301973

ISBN-10 0571301975


Language (English)

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This is a story that has drugs, sex and spying as its central theme. Minky Mehta, a man who loves living dangerously, is out to make a documentary about the conflict between the Indian army and Pakistanis. Things take a different turn when hundred kilos of heroin and military hardware is found by Indian officers. He soon plans a dangerous game involving the Indian Secret Service and the Army, using his cover as a magazine editor. However, his affair with the boss's daughter adds trouble to his already complicated life.

About Aniruddha Bahal

Aniriddha Bahal is an Indian journalist, author, founder, and editor of the online magazine He has worked as a journalist and editor with India Today and Outlook. In the year 1999, he co-founded Tehelka, a news website, with Tarun Tejpal. During his time at Tehelka, he carried out a sting operation that caught members of the Indian cricket team accepting bribes to throw matches in camera.