ISBN 9788183482257,Facing The Corporate Interviews Useful And Time-Tested Tips For Job Interviews In Multinational

Facing The Corporate Interviews Useful And Time-Tested Tips For Job Interviews In Multinational


S Hundiwala



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788183482257

ISBN-10 8183482252


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

Table Of Contents Introduction: Facing the Corporate Interviews The employer needs a candidate equipped with? Preparing for the Interview ? what to expect? Preparations Before the interview date Some questions you must know How to prepare and what to prepare? Research the organization you?re applying to Prepare your own case Be prepared for the Questions Answer drill Why and how to research the company? What should you try to know? Where from you get the desired information? Prepare your own case: Take care of the following important ingredients for success in interview Do?s and Don?ts about your clothes What to wear: for Men For Women First impression is important Communication Skill plays very crucial role in your success Remember the six C?s, basics of effective communication skill Your body language can ruin your interview Please note down the following negative gestures How to remove and control the above negative gestures The day of interview Facing the interview and winning! Causes of getting nervous Keep the following points in mind to control your nerves Overpowering the nervousness Your hobbies and interests If you are first time appearing in an interview When you are at the interview venue Make a good first impression During the interview Four phases of interview Types of interviews Preliminary screening interview Some tips to succeed in screening interview Group interview Some tips to succeed in group interview The stress interview Some tips to succeed in stress interview Present an unexpected situation and judge how the candidate reacts Judge how the candidate reacts Intentionally trying to increase the stress level of the candidate Using accusatory statements Emotional touch How to tackle a stress interview The lunch or dinner interview Some tips to handle lunch or dinner interviews Hands on interview Some tips to handle hands on interview Video conference interview Behavioural interviews What are the behavioural questions? While answering behavioural questions, keep the following points in mind Structured or unstructured interviews Second interview Final interview Eleven critical success factors in interview Be prepared for the question-answer drill Some common/typical questions with great values behind them (101 questions with idea behind the question and suggested answers) What to ask and what not to ask from the interviewers? The interviewer doesn't ask an illegal question but actually wants the answer Gift of gab can be curse? When to disclose your disability? When your disability is outwardly visible When your disability is outwardly invisible (hidden) How to use these questions effectively Closing points Keep the following points in mind Post interview Do not forget to convey your ?thanks? Power words and interviews Learning from the mistakes Make sure self assessment of your interview Look at the following examples How to get the right job? A unique approach! Follow the following guidelines Advantage of this proactive route of marketing yourself Some Do?s and Don't at the interview