ISBN 9780495106333,Faires/Defranza's Precalculus

Faires/Defranza's Precalculus



Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780495106333

ISBN-10 049510633X


Number of Pages 464 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

PRECALCULUS, Fourth Edition focuses on teaching the essentials of what a student needs to fulfill their PreCalculus requirement and to fully prepare them to succeed in calculus. It provides students with an integrated review of algebra and trigonometry while focusing on essential calculus concepts. Faires and DeFranza prepare students for calculus by providing a solid grounding in analysis and graphing, tools necessary to make a successful transition to calculus.

This streamlined text provides all the mathematics that students need-it doesn't bog them down in review, or overwhelm them with too much, too soon. The authors are careful to keep this book, unlike many of the PreCalculus books on the market, at a length that can be covered in one term.