ISBN 9789380828794,Faith & Frenzy

Faith & Frenzy



Times Group Books - New Delhi

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380828794

ISBN-10 9380828799


Number of Pages 260 Pages
Language (English)


Faith & Frenzy is a collection of short stories that brings to the reader the intimate details of forgotten Kashmiris of all hues, caught in the quagmire of terror and murky politics, and weighed down by the historical burden of a long confrontation between India and Pakistan. Their stories have remained untold, submerged as they remain under layers of shady rhetoric and politics of deceit. Most, but not all, stories take place in a background of escalating militancy that brought terror, insecurity and mayhem into the lives of people and dealt a deathblow to the tradition of amity, tolerance and peaceful living that had defined Kashmiri life over significant periods of history. These are stories of reconciliation and reaffirmation of religious diversity and of how thousands of Kashmiris, mostly Pandits, were forced into exodus from the valley to the plains of India--their lives before and after the exodus and their identity crisis. A unique feature of many of these stories is that they are discovered and revealed through the lens of a doctor who is also a keen observer of a society in flux. The author himself is the narrator of the stories. More importantly, he is also involved as one of the key participants in most of them. His initial contact with the main characters often begins in his role as a physician. He receives them as patients and, while providing his professional services, he finds himself entwined into the intricacies, uncertainties and struggles of their lives. The stories peep deep into their lives, and probe inside their souls. Above all, these are stories of the universal human circumstance. About the Author Born in Kashmir. Kundan Lal Chowdhury is a physician, poet and writer. He has four published anthologies including a travelogue, and was conferred the Best Book Award for Excellence in Literature by the J&K Academy of Arts, Culture and Languages for The Enchanting World of Infants. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. The Poplar of Discord 2. The Guru's Last Wish 3. Price of a Lamb 4. Faith and Frenzy 5. Premonition 6. Saligram's Secret 7. A Place to Die 8. Abdul Hameed's Unease 9. Gulla of Prang 10. What Does A Pandit Look Like? 11. The Fish of Mattan 12. Truce 13. Insomnia 14. The Swami's Dream 15. The Social Activist 16. Return of the Natives 17. All About Chichi Glossary

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