ISBN 9780330418829,False Impression

False Impression


Pan Macmillan



Pan Macmillan

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780330418829

ISBN-10 0330418823

Paper Back

Number of Pages 450 Pages
Language (English)

Suspense and Thriller||

False Impression is an exciting adventure story that takes its readers across different continents in pursuit of solving the mystery surrounding the Van Gogh masterpiece, Self-Portrait with a Bandaged Ear.

Summary Of The Book

False Impression begins with a crime scene on the night before 9/11. An old aristocratic lady has been brutally murdered. The FBI and Interpol are rapidly seeking clues to uncover the connection that lies behind this lady's death and the prime motive behind it, which is a priceless Van Gogh painting.

Anna Petrescu has just escaped the dangerous 9/11 blasts after she was fired by the banker Bryce Fenston, and is now missing. She is, however, presumed dead. Anna uses this new status and escapes from America. But she is now being followed by a fraud who used to work for her previous employer. To get away from this charlatan, she runs from country to country, also simultaneously trying to avenge the old lady's death and unwrap the hidden mystery revolving the Van Gogh painting.

The story moves from Toronto to Bucharest, Hong Kong, and Tokyo as Anna tries to find answers to questions such as why this old aristocratic woman was murdered the night before 9/11, why an honors graduate, despite inheriting a fortune, was working as a temporary secretary, why a senior FBI agent was seeking to establish a connection between eight seemingly innocent and disparate individuals, and many more.

The one aspect that blends the plot together from start to finish is Self-Portrait with a Bandaged Ear, the precious masterpiece created by Van Gogh. False Impression takes its readers through crazy twists and turns, and keeps them intrigued and guessing the whole time.

About Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer is a writer and former politician.

He is the author of Best Kept Secret, The Sins of the Father, Only Time Will Tell, A Prisoner of Birth, and The Prodigal Daughter.

Jeffrey was born in London in the year 1940. He received an academic qualification in teaching from the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. At this time, he was also an active charity fundraiser. Soon after, he began a career in politics. He was elected as Member of Parliament at age 29. His writing career began in the 70s with the publishing of Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less. He soon began writing and publishing profusely and created great works of mystery. Many of Jeffrey's novels have been adapted on screen and stage. During his time in prison, he wrote A Prison Diary, a three-volume memoir fashioned after Dante's Divine Comedy.