ISBN 9780340894613,Famous Five 08 Five Get Into Trouble

Famous Five 08 Five Get Into Trouble


Enid Blyton






Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780340894613

ISBN-10 034089461X


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Fiction & Non-Fiction

In Five Get Into Trouble (The Famous Five Series #8), the Famous Five are expecting to spend their Easter Holidays at Kirrin. But George’s father has forgotten all about the Easter Holidays and has made plans to attend a conference somewhere, and Aunt Fanny has to go with him.
They see this as an opportunity to go on a cycling holiday. They get their camping gear, pack a few clothes and some food, and they are off. While camping, they come across a place that has a large pool, and later discover that it is the private property of one Thurlow Kent, a rich businessman. His young son Richard sees the Five and gives them permission to use the pool.
He later asks them if he may come with them as far as his aunt’s house some way off. When they reach his aunt’s house he mysteriously cycles up the lane to the house with a very hasty good bye. Puzzled, the five ride on. Later, Dick’s cycle gets punctured and he has to mend it. In the meantime, Julian and George go off to a lonely farm they have seen at a distance to buy some food.
When they are gone, a few men come across Dick as he is working on his bike. When they hear his name is Dick, they kidnap him, thinking he is Richard Kent. Anne, who has been sitting up a tree, is shocked into silence. When Julian and George return, they are accompanied by a terrified Richard.
The man who arranged the kidnapping is a man called Rooky. Richard was responsible for getting him fired from his job. But Rooky was not with the kidnappers so they do not know they have the wrong boy.
Julian, George and Anne now have to find and rescue Dick. Anne has overheard that they are planning to take him to a place called Owl’s Dene. They find the place and also see that Dick is being kept prisoner inside the house. They too get trapped inside the gates and now they have to escape along with Dick without letting the crooks know that they have the real Richard Kent with them.
Five Get Into Trouble (The Famous Five Series #8) is a fast paced adventure where the five find themselves in real trouble, confronting dangerous criminals.
About Enid Blyton
Enid Blyton was a British author of children's books.
Some other popular books by this author are Naughtiest Girl In The School, Five Go to Smuggler's Top, The Mystery Of The Hidden House, and The Mystery Of The Invisible Thief.
Enid Blyton was born in 1897 in East Dulwich, England. She studied at St. Christopher’s School. She took a teacher’s training course and for some time taught at Ipswich High School. She also started writing books for children. She had two children by her first marriage, to Major Hugh Alexander Pollock. She became highly successful as a children's writer. In her lifetime, she authored around 800 books. Many of them remain popular to this day.