ISBN 9789380828947,Fatal Fires
Dark before the Dawn

Fatal Fires Dark before the Dawn



Times Group Books - New Delhi

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380828947

ISBN-10 9380828942


Number of Pages 252 Pages
Language (English)


In 1753, Ruckus Thawhorne, a British revenue officer, comes at midnight to the house of Ramabrahmam in Gandharva Kota. It is no ordinary counsel or favour that the officer seeks. In secret, the Brahmin (Ramabrahmam) journeys with him that night to destroy an unnatural 'evil'. On his death bed five years later, Ramabrahmam makes a sinister prediction to his son Madhavachary, that the evil may return although its perpetrator, a British clerk, James Hill was deported to England. In 1792, Madhavachary's days go by, as did his father's, in rituals, family affairs and offering counsel to the villagers. He lives with his two sons, a widowed daughter and the youngest daughter. Suddenly the forty year old events invade his life; his fears dead and buried return. He turns to his father's papers stashed in a casket. Madhavachary discovers an unnatural tale of evil and a mysterious discovery that led to its destruction - but - was it destroyed?