ISBN 9781405130592,Fats In Food Technology

Fats In Food Technology


Kanes K Rajah


Blkb Publishing

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Blkb Publishing

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9781405130592

ISBN-10 1405130598

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Language (English)

Food & beverage technology

This is a book about the roles and behaviour of fats in food technology and the benefits that they impart to consumers. It is about fats that are naturally present in foods (e.g. milk fat in cheese) or fats that have been added to help with physical and chemical properties (e.g. cocoa butter in chocolate). It is a book which has useful information on market issues that have driven change and disciplines that have helped to regulate the trade and use of fats and oils in food technology.

The volume provides a source of concentrated information over a broad subject area and will be especially valuable to those specialising in one sector of the fats industry who are considering expansion into another.

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