ISBN 9780070659117,Fearless Negotiating

Fearless Negotiating



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070659117

ISBN-10 0070659117


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)


Powerhouse entertainment lawyer and negotiating guru Michael Donaldson has distilled a lifetime of negotiating success into a simple, straightforward plan to get you what you want, when you want it-without the angst. If you've ever been uncertain before a negotiation, felt beaten up after, or thought you could have and should have negotiated better, Fearless Negotiating shows you, step by step, how to erase your fears and preconceptions and tap into the master negotiator that lives within you. This short and compelling guide is an essential companion to achieving more rewarding, meaningful, and mutually satisfying business and personal relationships and outcomes. Donaldson introduces his remarkably effective Wish-Want-Walk Method, which has been successfully presented in seminars around the world: WISH-set a goal for the negotiation WANT-know where the market is most likely to push the results WALK-draw the line that you will not cross Wish, Want, Walk? will be your guide, telling you when to start the bidding, when to quit while you're ahead, and when to cut your losses. Establishing these three points beforehand will make you more comfortable at the negotiating table, reduce your stress, and even help you predict the likely outcome. Donaldson also shows you how to make the most of your time between creating your Wish-Want-Walk plan and when you go into the negotiating session. He helps you get in touch with your inner, natural-born negotiator, making it easier to make opening offers, bargain with confidence, and seal the deal you want. Table of content :- PART I. Getting Started Chapter 1. The Plan, Plain and Simple Chapter 2. Making Wishes Chapter 3. Understanding Want Chapter 4. Your Walk-Away Point and Power-Real Power Chapter 5. Getting Ready To Use Your Wish-Want-Walk Plan PART II. How Wish, Want, Walk Guides You In The Room Chapter 6. How Wish, Want, Walk Takes the Fear Out of Making the Opening Offer Chapter 7. How Wish, Want, Walk Helps You Bargain without Fear Chapter 8. How Wish, Want, Walk Helps You to Learn to Listen Chapter 9. How Wish, Want, Walk Helps You Negotiate with a Jerk Chapter 10. How Wish, Want, Walk helps Close the Deal PART III: Replay Chapter 11. Wish, Want, Walk as a Predictor Chapter 12. Measuring Success with Wish, Want, Walk Chapter 13. Wrapping It Up

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