ISBN 9788120332300,Fiber Optic Technology: Applications To Commercial, Industrial, Military, And Space Optical Systems

Fiber Optic Technology: Applications To Commercial, Industrial, Military, And Space Optical Systems



Phi Learning Private Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788120332300

ISBN-10 812033230X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 308 Pages
Language (English)

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Fiber Optic (FO) technology has the potential of fulfilling the performance requirements of commercial, industrial, military and space systems. This book provides detailed coverage of the various theoretical and practical aspects of fiber optic technology. It describes the effects of various physical phenomena such as Rayleigh scattering, Raman scattering and modal dispersion on FO device performance levels, in order to provide a deep understanding of the underlying concepts. The book further highlights ways in which the performance of FO devices and sensors can be improved through integration with other cutting-edge technologies. Among the key features of the book are: Extensive descriptions of the structure and functioning of various FO system components State-of-the-art design and performance data on various FO devices Performance requirements for high-power FO cables used in harsh environments Step-by-step procedures for designing long-haul communication systems The book is intended for students of electro-nics and telecommunications engineering at various levels, as well as practising engineers, project managers and scientists. Table of Contents Foreword 1. Performance Requirements for Fiber Core, Cladding and Jacket 2. Expressions for Electric Field, Propagating Modes, Group Delay and Coupling Coefficients 3. Fiber Optic Passive Components 4. Fiber Optic Components for Military and Space Applications 5. Integration of Fiber Optic Technology in Commercial and Industrial Systems 6. Fiber Optic-based Communications and Telecommunications Systems 7. Fiber Optics for Medical and Scientific Applications 8. Fiber Optic Sensors for Various Industrial Applications Index