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Fighting Cancer



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Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788181930484

ISBN-10 8181930487


Number of Pages 258 Pages
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Cancer has long been a disease regarded by many with trepidation and fear, rarely understood or explained outside medical circles. Here Richard Frank debunks the myths surrounding the cancer, offering clear, concise information on all aspects of the disease, empowering patients, spouses, family members, friends and healthcare providers through knowledge and hope. Actual patient case histories are used in the first part of the book to explain the behaviour cancer in the body, how different cancers are staged, how oncologists estimate curability and the current thinking about the causes of the disease as well as the best means to prevent it. The second part of the book covers the reasons oncologists recommend a particular sequence of surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation and uniquely explores the ways in which the major forms of cancer-fighting drugs work to shut down cancer growth, including the use of visualization by the patient. Starting from the premise that no two cancers are exactly alike, Frank shows how patients can use mind-body interactions to combat and confront their disease. Finally, a chapter is dedicated to coping strategies recommended by those who have survived cancer, and a wealth of information is provided in the appendix on medicines, resource materials for patient advocacy, patient and family support, clinical trials, genetic testing and nutrition. This clearly written, practical guide presents a unique and comprehensive insight into cancer in all its aspects. Invaluable to patients and practitioners alike, it uses knowledge, empathy and hope to lessen the fear of the disease for millions of cancer patients around the world. About the Author Richard C Frank is medical director at the Whittingham Cancer Center at Norwalk Hospital, principal investigator fo the National Cancer institute's Cancer and Leukemia GroupB, and medical director of Mid-Fairfield Hospice, Wilton CT. He has worked for many years to educate the public on the importance of cancer research and in 2007 received the David King Community Clinical Scholars Award from the Association of Community Cancer Center. In this invaluable book, Dr Richard C Frank offers comfort and help to cancer patients, their families, and their caretakers. Dr Frank empowers patients by unlocking the mysteries of the disease and explaining in plain language the ways to confront and combat it. Table of Contents Understanding Cancer Diagnostic staging, curability Understanding specific cancers Why cancer develops How cancer grows : The basis of cancer treatments Cancer treatment revolve around metastasis Cancer treatments at work Get Prepared to survive Appendix A : Types of cancer medicines Appendix B : For more information

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