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Publication Year 2014-04-14

ISBN 9781499125917

ISBN-10 1499125917


Number of Pages 142 Pages
Language English
Mr. Mitchel was still at breakfast one morning, when the card of Mr. Barnes was brought to him by his man Williams. "Show Mr. Barnes in here," said he. "I imagine that he must be in a hurry to see me, else he would not call so early." A few minutes later the detective entered, saying: "It is very kind of you to let me come in without waiting. I hope that I am not intruding." "Not at all. As to being kind, why I am kind to myself. I knew you must have something interesting on hand to bring you around so early, and I am proportionately curious; at the same time I hate to go without my coffee, and I do not like to drink it too fast, especially good coffee, and this is good, I assure you. Draw up and have a cup, for I observe that you came off in such a hurry this morning that you did not get any." "Why, thank you, I will take some, but how do you know that I came off in a hurry and had no coffee at home? It seems to me that if you can tell that, you are becoming as clever as the famous Sherlock Holmes." "Oh, no, indeed! You and I can hardly expect to be as shrewd as the detectives of romance. As to my guessing that you have had no coffee, that is not very troublesome. I notice three drops of milk on your coat, and one on your shoe, from which I deduce, first, that you have had no coffee, for a man who has his coffee in the morning is not apt to drink a glass of milk besides. Second, you must have left home in a hurry, or you would have had that coffee.