ISBN 9780070682177,Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070682177

ISBN-10 0070682178


Number of Pages 1076 Pages
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This book aims at discussing the basic as well as advanced concepts of financial accounting. The focus of this book is on the principles and tools of financial accounting and their application. This book covers the syllabus of Financial Accounting of the undergraduate courses of University of Madras as well as other universities in South I region. This book will meet the requirements of the students of this subject in a comprehensive manner. Salient Features Comprehensively written, covers syllabi of universities like Madras University , Bharathidasan University , Bharathiar University , and Periyar University Lucid language and student friendly approach Good number of exhaustive illustrations and exercise problems Recent examination questions in chapter-end exercises Less theory and more of practical problems for the students to practice TABLE OF CONTENTS Unit I 1. Introduction to Accounting 2. Accounting Cycle Journal and Ledger 3. Cash Book Petty Cash Book 4. Subsidiary Books 5. Trial Balance Unit II 6. Final accounts of Sole Trading Concerns Unit III 7. Single entry Unit IV 8. Accounting for Non-Trading concerns all methods Unit V 9. Depreciation Unit VI 10. Rectification of Errors 11. Bank Reconciliation Statement Unit VII 12. Self balancing ledger meaning procedure self balancing journal entries self balancing ledgers transfer from one ledger to another 13. Insurance claims normal loss abnormal loss Unit VIII 14. Hire purchase & installment including Hire purchasing trading account Unit IX 15. Branch accounts excluding foreign branches 16. Departmental accounts Transfers at cost or selling price Unit X 17. Average due date calculation of due date based on holidays intervention interest calculation 18. Account current methods of calculation of interest product method red ink interest method epoque method periodic balance method Unit XI 19. Royalty accounts accounting treatment in the books of lessor and lessee sub lease Unit XII 20. Insolvency of individual and firm Unit XIII 21. Bills of exchange Trading and Accommodation bills Renewals Dishonour due to insolvency Retiring of bills Unit XIV 22. Accounting for goods sent on Sale or Return basis 23. Investment Accounts 24. Voyage accounts Unit XV 25. Consignment accounts invoicing goods at cost price proforma invoice price valuation of unsold stocks accounting treatment of normal loss and abnormal loss 26. Joint venture accounts recording in individual venturers book recording in separate set of books Unit XVI 27. Human Resource accounting 28. Inflation accounting Unit XVII 29. Definition provision relating to partnership capital and current accounts of partners fixed and fluctuating appropriation of profits past adjustments and guarantee final accounts of firms 30. Introduction Admission of a Partner Treatment of goodwill Revaluation of assets and liabilities calculation of ratios for distribution of profits capital adjustments 31. Retirement of partner calculation of gaining ratio-Revaluation of assets and liabilities-Treatment of goodwill adjustment of goodwill through capital account only-settlement of accounts retiring partners loan account with equal installments only 32. Death of a partner treatment of JLP settlement of amount due to legal representatives of deceased partner 33. Dissolution insolvency of partners garner Vs murray insolvency of all partners deficiency accounts piecemeal distribution proportionate capital method only 34. Amalgamation of firms creation of new firm sale to a company

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