ISBN 9780070620834,Financial Institutions, Instruments And Markets

Financial Institutions, Instruments And Markets



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780070620834

ISBN-10 0070620830


Language (English)


The Securities Markets Series has been designed to cater to professionals who do not have time to read and assimilate a treatise on Financial Management or Corporate Finance. It provides a reasonably in-depth exposition on the topics in a concise and lucid manner, embellished with a lot of pertinent examples. It offers ?Just in Time? learning on securities markets, with a focus on global conventions and practices. Financial Institutions, Instruments and Markets dwells on alternative economic systems, analyses the constituents of an economy and the role played by money in a modern economy. It covers financial assets and also compares and contrasts equity and debt securities. Further it describes: Classification of markets and role of financial intermediaries Importance of financial institutions and their role Global securities markets This book is a source of knowledge of IT professionals, students of finance and those appearing for competitive examinations like CFA, etc.