ISBN 9780071078405,Financial Management: Theory And Practice

Financial Management: Theory And Practice



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780071078405

ISBN-10 0071078401


Edition 8th
Number of Pages 1096 Pages
Language (English)


Financial Management: Theory and Practice celebrates 27th year of its publication. Over these two and a half decades, Indian business and finance have considerably changed owing to deregulation, liberalization, privatization, globalization, and the ascendancy of the services sector. The book has kept pace with these changes and captures the central themes and concerns of corporate financial management--making it both contemporary and comprehensive. New in this edition: A new chapter titled Global Financial Crisis 12 new sections on various topics 12 new mini cases The accompanying CD contains: Additional solved problems Additional self-test problems Excel spreadsheets Over 20 supplementary notes on advanced topics. TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I: Introduction 1. Financial Management: An Overview 2. The Financial System PART II: Financial Analysis and Planning 3. Financial Statements, Taxes, and Cash Flow 4. Analysis of Financial Statements 5. Financial Planning and Forecasting PART III: Fundamental Valuation Concepts 6. The Time Value of Money 7. Valuation of Bonds and Stocks 8,. Risk and Return 9. Risk and Return: Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing Models 10. Options and Their Valuation PART IV: Capital Budgeting 11. Techniques of Capital Budgeting 12. Estimation of Project Cash Flows 13. Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting 14. The Cost of Capital 15. Capital Budgeting: Extensions PART V: Long Term Financing 16. Market Efficiency and Financing Decisions 17. Sources of Long Term Finance 18. Raising Long Term Finance PART VI: Capital Structure and Dividend Decisions 19. Capital Structure and Firm Value 20. Capital Structure Decision 21. Dividend Policy and Firm Value 22. Dividend Decision PART VII: Working Capital Management 23. Working Capital Policy 24. Cash and Liquidity Management 25. Credit Management 26. Inventory Management 27. Working Capital Financing 28. Working Capital Management: Extensions PART VIII: Debt and Hybrid Financing 29. Debt Analysis and Management 30. Leasing, Hire-Purchase, and Project Finance 31. Hybrid Financing PART IX: Corporate Valuation, Restructuring and 753Value Creation 32. Corporate Valuation 33. Value Based Management 34. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Restructuring 35. Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation 26. Performance Measurement and Balanced Scorecard PART X: Special Topics 37. International Financial Management 38. Financial Management in Sick Units 39. Financial Management in Companies with Special Characteristics 40. Corporate Risk Management 41. Global Financial Crisis 42. The State of Our Knowledge