ISBN 9788190647946,Financial Planning for Doctors

Financial Planning for Doctors



Network 18 Publications Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788190647946

ISBN-10 8190647946

Hard Back

Language (English)

Literature fiction

Although doctors are well-read and knowledgeable when it comes to medicine and general affairs, they end up committing a lot of financial mistakes. It usually takes for a major personal financial loss for doctors to realize that they need help. Financial planning like tax planning and investment planning rarely bothers them, which takes a major toll on the financial security. This book will help doctors understand the different aspects of financial planning and will help them make informed decisions and smart choices about their money. Poor choices related to investments, tax, insurance and loans is a result of completely neglecting the area of financial literacy in schools and medical colleges. This book provides valuable information and deep insight on several concepts including savings budget, investing in your practice, creating reverse mortgage and taking a holistic view of your finances. The book offers sound and practical advice, which will greatly benefit not just the doctors who have freshly started with financial planning but will also help seasoned and financially savvy doctors. Financial Planning for Doctors is a handy resource for understanding personal finances from a doctor’s perspective.
About Amar Pandit
Amar Pandit is one of the leading practicing Certified Financial Planners in the Country and is also a member of the Financial Planning Standards Board of India. He is the Founder & CEO of a private Wealth Management company which helps corporate executives, business owners, doctors, lawyers and celebrities to make smart financial choices. He has authored several books on financial planning including Art & Science of teaching children about money and The Only Financial Planning Book that you will ever need.