ISBN 9788170947943,Financial Speculation: Trading Financial Biases and Behaviour

Financial Speculation: Trading Financial Biases and Behaviour


Gerald Ashley


Vision Books



Vision Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788170947943

ISBN-10 8170947944


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)


Successful trading is ultimately, a mind game, the outcome as much a result of how you act in pressure situations as of your trading skills. The hot new field of behavioral finance focuses on how successful traders and investors act and react, during uncertainty and under pressure. This understanding offers an additional weapon in your trading armory for making money in the markets. Financial Speculation is a terrific, widely-hailed work on how you can become a more successful trader by understanding how your fellow traders are likely to behave in various situations. In this important book, Gerald Ashley gets to the heart of what moves financial markets. Simple labels, such as gambling and speculation, don't help us grasp the underlying forces that drive the markets. It's far more important to understand the behaviour and biases of the market players their actions and motivations are the vital components that drive everything; bubbles, crashes, huge fortunes, reckless borrowing and complex instruments and strategies, all flow from this simple fact. How market players act within their inner selves, apply their own set of risk and reward values to the seeming chaos of the market, is absolutely crucial. The book ranges across all the major asset classes, looks at past masters of the art, examines modern thinking on finance and risk, assesses the value of experts, economists, chartists, market gurus and analysts. The author draws on a wealth of revealing and instructive market insights, stories and anecdotes, uses simple examples to explain how the basic tools of finance fit together, how to profit in this often complex and unforgiving landscape.
About the Author :-
Gerald Ashley has over thirty years experience in international financial markets, having worked for Baring Brothers in London and Hong Kong, and the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. His primary financial market experience is in foreign exchange, currency options, precious metals and money markets. He is now Managing Director of St Mawgan & Co Limited, a London-based strategy and risk consulting firm. He is also a well-known speaker on the benefits and applications of behavioural economics in decision-making and risk taking; and is a regular columnist in the financial press.