ISBN 9788120335844,Finite Element Methods : Basic Concepts And Applications

Finite Element Methods : Basic Concepts And Applications



PHI learning Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788120335844

ISBN-10 8120335848


Number of Pages 408 Pages
Language (English)


Finite Element Methods form an indispensable part of engineering analysis and design. The strength of FEM is the ease and elegance with which it handles the boundary conditions. This compact and well-organized text presents a comprehensive analysis of Finite Element Methods (FEM). The book gives a clear picture of structural, torsion, free-vibration, heat transfer and fluid flow problems. It also provides detailed description of equations of equilibrium, stress-strain relations, interpolation functions and element design, symmetry and applications of FEM. The text is a synthesis of both the physical and the mathematical characteristics of finite element methods. A question bank at the end of each chapter comprises descriptive and objective type questions to drill the students in self-study. KEY FEATURES Includes step-by-step procedure to solve typical problems using ANSYS software. Gives numerical problems in SI units. Elaborates shaper functions for higher-order elements. Furnishes a large number of worked-out examples and solved problems. This profusely illustrated, student-friendly text is intended primarily for undergraduate students of Mechanical/Production/Civil and Aeronautical Engineering. By a judicious selection of topics, it can also be profitably used by postgraduate students of these disciplines. In addition, practising engineers and scientists should find it very useful besides students preparing for competitive exams.