ISBN 9788184081404,First Aid

First Aid


Eva Roman



Indiana Publishing House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788184081404

ISBN-10 8184081405

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Language (English)

First aid & paramedical services

Accidents can happen anywhere at any time, including in and around your Business premises. There should always be someone around who knows what to do and have to cope. But qualified FirstAiders are not always available and it is often left to someone else on the spot to do what they can.

In these circumstances a Knowledge of the rudiments of first Aid can prove critical. Although common Sense will enable staff to deal effectively with many incidents, there are Times when a basic knowledge of howand how notto deal with specific injuries can be essential.

The Purpose of this book is to provide a basic trainer in the techniques of first aid which should be read by all your staff to ensure that when an accident does happen there is someone there who knows what to do until the experts arrive.

About the Author
Eva Roman runs her own training organisation specialising in Health and Safety Executive approved first Aid at work courses. She is a qualified nurse, first aid instructor and training and stress counsellor with a background in psychology

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