ISBN 9780330418997,First Among Equals

First Among Equals


Pan Books Ltd



Pan Books Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780330418997

ISBN-10 0330418998


Number of Pages 200 Pages
Language (English)


First Among Equals charts the journey of four British politicians vying for that most hallowed office at 10, Downing Street. Spread across three decades, these four politicians begin their journey as the incumbent members of Parliament in Westminster.

Charles Seymour is the second son to an Earl but even though he shall not inherit this title he has inherited his mother's strength and his own will to realize his fate as the Prime Minister. Then there is the deprived upbringing of Raymond Gould who found his way across the back streets but his intellect and pride soon find him a chair at Westminster.

Simon Kerslake had a supporting father who made enormous sacrifices to make sure Simon can follow his dreams. However, once inside Westminster it's all up to Kerslake to make his stakes for rising above personal inadequacies and the miry politics to reach his final goal. Andrew Fraser is the silver spooned son of famous soccer hero who turned his attentions towards politics. It's finally Andrew's day when he must leave the shadow of his father's fame behind and battle for the prize.

All four are strangers that are tied together in this journey for the office of Prime Minister and they become rivals involved in sweeping stakes. The three decades of this journey for all of them is fraught with several tests and challenges. Where some of these examine their moral fibre and ideals, others bring to the fore betrayals, that will shake their faith in family and the country. However in a battle for the highest office in the country, fatalities are aplenty!

The characters are all fictional but Archer interweaves the personalities of Thatcher, Churchill, Wilson, Gadaffi and Queen Elizabeth the second into situations through the novel. The title of the book draws inspiration from the literal translation of a Latin term that is actually used to describe the status of the Prime Minister in the Cabinet as per the British constitution. The book was published in 1984 and this edition comes with a new look for the cover.