ISBN 9780330463560,First Family

First Family


Pan Books Ltd



Pan Books Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780330463560

ISBN-10 033046356X

Paper Back

Edition 01
Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)

Literature & Fiction

The First Family of America is gathered at Camp David for a family celebration. The First Lady’s niece is turning twelve and there is a grand party planned. The party goes off without a hitch. It is what comes after that upsets everything.Young Willa Dutton is kidnapped from her home, while her mother Pam is brutally murdered. The First Lady, Jane Cox, knows Sean King and trusts him. So, she calls him and his partner Michelle Maxwell for help, to locate her niece.Meanwhile there is another kidnapping in another part of the country, where a woman is forced at gunpoint to drive to an unknown destination. There is a connection between the kidnapping of this woman, Diane, and what happened to the young girl.As Sean King accepts Jane Cox’s call for help, his partner Michelle is still dealing with her own private demons. As the duo look into the circumstances and the background of the kidnapping and the murder, they begin to unravel some unsavoury secrets about the President and his wife.It is all intricately linked to a war veteran, Sam Quarry, and his daughter who has been in a coma and living on life support for the past thirteen years. As King and Maxwell track the kidnappers, they are in a race against time, as Sam Quarry has plans of his own. He has waited years for his vengeance and he intends to let nothing stop him.First Family is a nicely set up thriller, with two story threads. The main one is the kidnapping of the child and the dirty family secrets that it entails. The other is the secondary thread of Michelle Maxwell’s own past and the secrets within her family.