ISBN 9788120747814,Fitness Simplified

Fitness Simplified



Sterling Publishers

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788120747814

ISBN-10 812074781X


Number of Pages 118 Pages
Language (English)


This book brings an army mans expertise on physical fitness to the realm of the layman. It is not a fast tract route to washboard abs. It goes much deeper and addresses the whys and hows of fitness. It addresses the basic problems faced by every fitness aspirant: right breathing, right regimen, right food, right rest, and most of all, the will to continue. It shows that fitness is not all about weights and high protein diets, but about understanding ones own body and mind and bringing about an increased level of alertness and agility in a sustainable and enjoyable manner. The text is interspersed with personal anecdotes, and enhanced by clear-cut illustrations that leave no room for mistake. The chapters flow into each other with an easy fluidity and make for a pleasant read.

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