ISBN 9780070661103,Flight Stability And Automatic Control

Flight Stability And Automatic Control



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070661103

ISBN-10 0070661103


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 456 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

Flight Stability and Automatic Control (SIE) 2nd Edition is a comprehensive book for Aerospace Engineering students and professionals. The book contains 10 chapters on the subject matter covering the theory underlying stability and motion of aircraft. It presents the concepts with a strong mathematical base so that it proves handy when designing the flight controls of an aircraft. In addition, the book places great emphasis on Atmospheric Data, providing critical information about selected airplanes for the readers to perform realistic calculations. The book is indispensable for all aerospace and aeronautical engineers. About the author :- Robert C Nelson is a Professor at the Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, Center for Flow Physics and Control, University of Notre Dame. His research interests are: Applied Aerodynamics, Flight Stability & Control, Aircraft Wake Dynamics, Wind Turbine Control. table of content :- Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Static Stability and Control Chapter 3. Aircraft Equations of Motion Chapter 4. Longitudinal Motion (Stick Fixed) Chapter 5. Lateral Motion (Stick Fixed) Chapter 6. Aircraft Response to Control or Atmospheric Inputs Chapter 7. Automatic Control Theory-The Classical Approach Chapter 8. Application of Classical Control Theory to Aircraft Autopilot Design Chapter 9. Modern Control Theory Chapter 10. Application of Modern Control Theory to Aircraft Autopilot Design Appendices A: Atmospheric Tables (ICAO Standard Atmosphere) B: Geometric, Mass, and Aerodynamic Characteristics of Selected Airplanes C: Mathematical Review of Laplace Transforms and Matrix Algebra D: Review of Control System Analysis Techniques