ISBN 9788183391122,Flora and Fauna of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh

Flora and Fauna of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh


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Gulshan Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788183391122

ISBN-10 8183391125


Language (English)


Flora and Fauna of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh Kashmir is rich in the cultural diversity of the people, as well as diversity of flora and fauna in the forest areas and domesticated species outside the forest. Plant diversity is the life support of almost all terrestrial ecosystems, with both humans and animals being entirely dependent on plants directly or indirectly .The state of Jammu and Kashmir has a fairly rich diversity of plant life and on this people depend for their daily needs of food, medicine, fuel, fiber, etc. The varied plant life also contributes to the food and habitat needs of the wild and domesticated animals in the state. Plants are also as an integral part of the social fabric of the state. This book contains advanced information about this subject. This book will be a boost for the learners and an essential subject manual. Designing of the book is such that the students will be benefited as far as their knowledge and examination is concerned.