ISBN 9788190236935,Flowering Trees Shrubs And Climbers

Flowering Trees Shrubs And Climbers


Timeless Books



Timeless Books

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788190236935

ISBN-10 8190236938

Hard Back

Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)


The Indian subcontinent has a great variety of flora in its region, which vary from alpine and temperate and tropical. In its forests and plains is an amazing diversity of plant life. Few books have covered the vasr range of Indian flora from trees, shrubs and climbers in a manner that lay people can appreciate. This book attempts to do so by presenting their colourful forms pictorially and in general terms, without botanical technicalities. Rupinder Khullar, who has spent several years photographing the rich variety, takes you on a fascinating journey through floral beauty of the country with more than 450 carefully selected colour photographs. This book covers the entire range of flora of India and its neighbouring countries. Each page unfolds as a visual delights, with a lively and knowledgeable text which gives details of species, their vernacular names, characteristics and uses as also their importance in landscaping. While this book is primarily meant for the nature enthusiast, it will also prove to be a useful guide for scholars of botany.