ISBN 9788181477910,Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics





Elsevier Publishing Company

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788181477910

ISBN-10 818147791X

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Edition 2nd
Language (English)

Engineering: general

Fluid Mechanics is the 6th volume in the Course of Theoretical Physics series of lectures written by two of the foremost physicists of their time for undergraduate and postgraduate research students studying fluid mechanics. The book delves into the science of fluids and shows how fluids behave and are classified. It discusses liquids and gases, explaining the concept of fluid pressure. Applying the law of conservation of energy to fluids, it explains the derivation and evolution of Bernoulli's Equation from Euler's Equation, helping students understand the mathematical counterpart to the subject. In addition, students benefit from the theoretical treatment of the subject which provides them a strong base for future study. A seminal volume in the collection of books on theoretical physics from some of the best writers in the field, this is a must have for lecturers teaching the subject and for students trying to find the roots.