ISBN 9788175154537,Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory


S K Mishra

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Galgotia Publication

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788175154537

ISBN-10 8175154535


Number of Pages 164 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering & Technology

CONTENTS: Preface; List of Symbols; Introduction; Experiment - 1 : Heleshaw Analogy; Experiment-2 : Study of Seepage Through Earthen Dams Using Heleshawanalogy; Experiment-3 : Development of a Boundary Layer Aloga A Flat Plate; Experiment-4 : Capillary Tube Viscometer; Experiment-5 : Curvilinear Flow in a Closed Conduit (with and without Cavitation); Experiment-6; Turbulent Flow in Smooth and Rough Pipes; Experiment-7 : Characteristics of Maminar and Turbulent Flows at Low Reynolds Numbers in a Smooth Pipe; Experiment-8 : Determination of Losses at Conduit Transitions; Experiment-9 : Determination of Losses at Conduit Transitions; Experiment-10 : Pipeline Network Analysis Using Electrical Analogy; Experiment-11 : Analysis of a Free Liquid Jet; Experiment-12 : Hydraulic Jump; Experiment-13 : Flow over a Sharp-Crested Weir; Experiment-14 : V-notch Experiment

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