ISBN 9789350239537,Food Production and Culinary Art

Food Production and Culinary Art



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350239537

ISBN-10 9350239531

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Number of Pages 366 Pages
Language (English)

Cookery / Food Drink

The main note and aim of this book is the conceptual details ofeach topic. FOOD PRODUCTION is neither boring nor very difficult ifit is studied with proper interest but one has got to be veryartistic in nature and attitude. The thorough knowledge in thisbook of Food Production is specially designed to cater to the needsand meet the requirements of the students graduating in the courseof Food Production Operations and Management. This book will alsocertainly help even those who are already in the trade of FoodProduction.
This book is divided into eleven units. The first Unit of thisbook focuses more on the aspects of Professional Cooking andproviding details about Fundamentals of Foods, Aims and objectivesof cooking the food and materials used in it. The second unit ofthis book mainly emphases on commodities and vegetables. This Unitis provides details of flavorings and seasonings, sweeteningagents, thickening agents, various spices, egg preparations, dairyproducts, potatoes and its variations.
The third unit of this book contains six chapters which mainlygive more attention to methods of mixing of food, methods ofcooking, texture, soups and sauces, mother sauces and itsderivatives. The fourth unit of this book has five chapters andconcentrates more on the study of fish, poultry, lamb, pork andbeef along with detailed knowledge of various standard cuts andtheir uses with important standard recipes wherever applicable. Thefifth unit of this book has got five chapters which mainlyemphasize on vegetables and salads, preparation of vegetables,pulse cookery and temperatures.
The sixth unit of this book has got four chapters whichconcentrate on detailed knowledge of menu Planning, garnishes andthe accompaniments, suggested garnishes and various terms whichfeature with the names of the dishes. The seventh unit of this bookhas got two chapters with a detailed study of the Chutnies and thegravies.
The eighth unit of this book is on beverages which have adetailed study on tea, coffee and cocoa. The ninth unit of thisbook is mainly focused on culinary terms and has two chapters witha detailed knowledge of Indian and Western terminology. The tenthunit of this book is on detailed knowledge of buffet preparations.The eleventh unit of this book has given special attention on theHindi equivalents to some of the western terms.

About the Authors: Maheshwari Prasad Verma, Satish Chandra Khanna

Maheshwari Prasad Verma is presently working as Assistantprofessor and programme leader with Amity School of Hospitality,Amity University-Sector 125, Noida. He has 19 years of experiencein the hotel industry and academia. After completing his HotelManagement Diploma from Dehradun catering college, he has workednationally and internationally with hotel groups like Oberoi,Clarks, Fariyas and Holiday Inn international chain South Africa asa Chef. He has also completed Masters in Tourism Management and MPhil in Business Management. Before working with the currentorganisation, the author was also associated with a veryprestigious university at London (U.K.). He is also associated withvarious hotels and restaurant chains for kitchen and facilityplanning.
Satish Chandra Khanna is presently working as Assistantprofessor in Amity School of Hospitality, Amity University-Sector125, Noida. He has decades of experience in the hotel industry andacademia. After completing Graduation from Agra University, heobtained Diploma in Hotel Management, Catering Technology andApplied Nutrition from Institute of Hotel Management-CateringTechnology and Applied Nutrition from Dadar, Mumbai. Simultaneouslyhe became the Associate Member of Institution of BusinessManagement after doing MBA from Chennai.
After completing his education, he served with ITC Hotel Maurya,New Delhi for 26 years in the department of Food and Beverage