ISBN 9788131305171,Food Safety and Pesticides

Food Safety and Pesticides



Aph Publishing Corporation

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788131305171

ISBN-10 8131305171

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Number of Pages 328 Pages
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Food science

It is now an established fact that pesticides have greatly altered our capacity to protect our crops. Far greater yield can be achieved with them if they are properly used with far less work. Consequent, their manufacture, storage and the most important their misuse is shrouded. The way out is "Right to know" about them. This book presents it readers this desired information in a very simple, lucid, practical and scientific way.

The adduced information provides in depth details, some of which are unconventional and are usually difficult to get in a single volume line the biography of all permitted pesticide under rule 65 of the PFA act, 1954.

Further the commercial brands of away individual pesticide have been provided and an alphabetically along with the corresponding parent pesticide.

Contents Preface 1. Introduction 2. How pesticides work 3. Classification of pesticides 4. Health and environmental effects of pesticides 5. Studies about Pest contamination of Indian Foods 6. Choronology of PFA Rule 65 7. Biography of Pesticides 8. Analysis of pesticides 9. Statistics