ISBN 9789380914626,Footprints of Life : Only Traces Remain, when Love and Hate Collide

Footprints of Life : Only Traces Remain, when Love and Hate Collide



General Press Publisher

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789380914626

ISBN-10 9380914628


Number of Pages 176 Pages
Language (English)


Based on a real life incident, this story is about a young girl, Ahaana, who lived with her parents and as any other teen, dream big and lived life to the fullest. Her smile could light up her surroundings and her laughter was sparking. She was considerate, loving and humble and ever so caring. Life as an adult had just begun for her when it was cut short by the cruelest act of a person she loved. This chronicle carries you on a journey with Ahaana, who had just entered her teens, when her heart was brutally assaulted. It shows how at times, even the most trustworthy people in our life can back stab us to serve their own interests and how her soul fought for justice. The Footprints of Life reveals some unimaginable hidden truths while presenting a love saga set in contemporary India.