ISBN 9788132108603,For the Born Leader

For the Born Leader



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788132108603

ISBN-10 8132108604


Number of Pages 594 Pages
Language (English)


The box set includes the following 2 titles : 1.) Shaping Business Leaders The book reveals that graduates of India's top schools demonstrate: " Low capability to influence others-a core leadership competency;'' " Average competency in managing self-another primary requirement to manage and influence others;'' " Moderate capability to handle complexity and manage diversity, both essential for succeeding in the contemporary world of discontinuity and global diversity; and;'' " Greater comfort in dealing with structured rather than unstructured situations.'' The author examines common perceptions which the business world holds about the MBAs and the impact of education imparted by B-Schools in shaping future leaders. She argues that B-Schools have to traverse miles before they can truly achieve their self-proclaimed motto of grooming business leaders. B-Schools have to re-examine their educational paradigm, course structure and pedagogy, and also realign the competencies and disposition of faculty towards grooming future leaders. 2.) Knowledge Leadership The world has moved from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy and further to a knowledge and information economy. Although the rapidity of the transition from one type of economy to the other varies from country to country, almost all economies have experienced these shifts to varying degrees. Countries such as India have simultaneously seen all three types of economies in operation, thereby increasing the complexity for top executives and others in the profession of management. The history of management bears evidence of the triumphs and travails associated with this transition from industrial economy to information/knowledge economy which has left many organizations dead and obsolete. Knowledge is a prized asset, which needs to be protected or shared for it to flourish or it will be forever lost. There is competitive advantage in knowledge and information, both for organizations and the executives that populate them. In this book, the author exploits these knowledge bases to study the role of leaders in knowledge management through an analysis of the collective experiences of successful executives of global corporations. This book draws on the author's research findings in the last decade in identifying and encapsulating various practical aspects of knowledge leadership that provide key tools for a broad range of executives of budding organizations.

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