ISBN 9789381639450,Forgotten Fundamentals : The Answers are in the box

Forgotten Fundamentals : The Answers are in the box



Prolibris Publishing Media

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789381639450

ISBN-10 9381639450


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

Literature & Fiction

Create rapid Growth Become Brilliant at the Basics The Key to success is in what you possess! Dan, thank you for your work with me which has enhanced my appreciation of the technical and spiritual side of public speaking. -- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA hall of famer Dan Clark is one of the great teachers of our time and is a world-class talent on taking people from where they are to where they want to be. Having Dan as our closing Main Platform speaker at MDRT speaks volumes of the high respect we have for this man and his message. Reading Forgotten Fundamentals is like having a private conversation with Dan. I promise it will increase your personal power, productivity, and passion for living. --Philip E. Harriman, president of million dollar round table Well, you certainly made quite an impression at our Worldwide Dealer Strategy Meeting in Orlando. To put it simply, we were blown away! You left the crowd of 1,600 dealers wanting more, as was evidenced by the spontaneous standing ovation you received. I've never seen our people so positively affected by a speaker before. Your ability to customize to our theme and incorporate so many key issues was impressive to say the least. Harley Davidson will certainly want you back for a repeat performance. - Andy Smith, Harley Davidson Knowing Dan Clark is a blessing to me and my family. I am a Holocaust survivor, and Dan's message resonates with my experience. The inspiring examples of humanity and compassion that have stayed with me from man's darkest hour are of those individuals who looked within and acted with dignity and righteousness regardless of the consequences. Dan Clark so eloquently states what should be obvious to us all: that doing what is right when the moment presents itself opens the way for an honourable and righteous path. -- Norbert Friedman, Holocaust survivor, Author of Sun Rays at midnight Dan Clark and the basic yet incredibly important lessons that he teaches us in Forgotten Fundamentals are born out in the real life scenarios of the children we serve. Dan, being a member of our Operation Smile Board of Governors, has seen that "Everything we can be already exists within us." As we surgically repair the cleft lips and pallets of children, we take a child from hopelessness to possibility. That same transformation can occur for each of us if we simply incorporate Dan's lessons into our lives. His insight is powerful and surgically precise. -- William P. Magee Jr. and Kathleen S. Magee, Co-founders of operation smile, inc. Not only have I had Dan Clark speak at my Commanders Conference, but he was the keynote speaker at our "Corona" 4-Star Generals Leadership Conference and has been a consultant to most of our senior leaders throughout the world. In fact, Dan's messages are so profound and relevant that we invited him to speak to our combat troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE. In 16 days Dan spoke 23 times on 12 bases and on the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier to thousands of airmen, marines, soldiers and sailors. This book is a magnificent compilation of Dan's time-tested truths, wit, and wisdom that he is so famous for in his extraordinary live presentations. Every military officer, NCO, and corporate leader should read this book! --General Hal Hornburg, Commander, Air combat Command (ret.)