ISBN 9789351760825,Foundation Course in Mathematics for JEE

Foundation Course in Mathematics for JEE



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351760825

ISBN-10 9351760820


Edition 6th
Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

Ever thought of the burden the Class 10 pass outs experience when suddenly they enter a world full of heavy weight books which are a part of preparation for entering IITs, India premier engineering institutes. Every year a large number of students passing class 10th and entering into class 11th dream of getting into Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). But only a few of them are able to cope up with the vast and different curriculum of 11th class. The Foundation Course in Mathematics for JEE with a motto Maintain the pace and spirit of our young minds Towards JEE is one such book which aims to work as the foundation course which will help bridge the vast gap between Class 10 and Class 11 curriculum. This book has been designed with a simple approach for class 10th passed students aspiring to get into IITs. The book has been divided into nine chapters namely Plane Geometry, Cartesian Coordinate System and Straight Line, Trigonometry, Number Theory, Theory of Equations, In equations, Polynomials and Logarithms, Permutations and Combinations, Sequences and Series, Functions and Introductory Differentiation and Integral Calculus, each containing detailed theoretical content along with tables, figures, etc. for better understanding. The book contains a large number of Concept Building Illustrations. Objective and subjective questions with complete solutions have been given under Proficiency in Concepts. Proficiency Problems section covers various types of questions like discussion questions, numerical type, fill in the blanks, true false type and questions asked in JEE provided at chapter end along with their hints and solutions. 20 Mock Papers have been given at the end of the book with their answers and solutions for more practice. Hope this book will serve the motto with which it has been written and will prove to be a must read book for Class 10th pass outs aspiring to get into IITs. TABLE OF CONTENTS : - 1. Plane Geometry 2. Cartesian Coordinate System and Straight Line 3. Trigonometry 4. Number Theory 5. Theory of Equations, Inequations, Polynomials and Logarithms 6. Permutations and Combinations 7. Sequences and Series 8. Functions 9. Introductory Differentiation and Integral Calculus