ISBN 9788176569422,Foundation in Modern Biology (B 1 - M 1 - RO)

Foundation in Modern Biology (B 1 - M 1 - RO)


Jain V K


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788176569422

ISBN-10 8176569429


Language (English)

Biology, life sciences

During the past sereral decades we have witnessed spectacular progress in the application of knowledge derived from basic biological sciences to solving problems in a wide variety of areas of great importance to human welfare.These spectacular achievements have been to a large extent implemented by the application of new concepts,principles and methods in the area of molecular and call biology.Progress in these fields has often been described as phenomenal.It is difficult-if not impossible even in some of the best laboratories in the developed part of the world to keep up with the fast pace of advances.   Table of contents:   Chapter 1         General Biology Chapter 2         Basic of cell Biology Chapter 3         Introduction life sciece Chapter 4         Introduction to human Biology Chapter 5         Microbiology Chapter 6         Naming & classifying of Micro-organism Chapter 7         Basic of Genetics and evolution Chapter 8         Basic Molecular Biology I-Nucleic Acids Chapter 9         Basic Molecular Biology II-Proteins Chapter 10       Syallbus