ISBN 9780195674187,Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry

Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry



Oxford University Press India

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780195674187

ISBN-10 0195674189


Number of Pages 96 Pages
Language (English)

Inorganic chemistry

This text is a broad overview of inorganic chemistry.

Intended to complement Foundations of Organic Chemistry, the best-selling Primer by Michael Hornby and Josephine Peach, this text is a broad overview of inorganic chemistry. Writing in an informal and relaxed style, Mark Winter and John Andrew cover the basics and also highlight the industrial and environmental relevance of inorganic chemistry.
Table of Contents : -
Introduction Origin and distribution of elements Atomic structure Bonding
Periodic Table Periodic Table Periodicity
s- and p-block elements Group trends in physical and chemical properties Periodic and group trends including acid rain, pH of soft drinks etc.: Acids, bases, pH Formulae and properties of oxides, chlorides, sulphates, nitrates, phosphates, carbonates VSEPR
d-block elements General comments Complexes, ligands (lewis bases and acids, denticity), coordination number, variable oxidation states, isomerism [M(OH2)6]n+ complexes, acidity of H in H2O ligands Substitution processes, edta titration Colours in d-block metal complexes Redox processes Metal complexes in biology and the environment Catalysis