ISBN 9780201473834,Foundations of Microeconomics

Foundations of Microeconomics



Prentice Hall

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780201473834

ISBN-10 0201473836


Number of Pages 592 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

In Foundations of Microeconomics, Robin Bade and Michael Parkin provide a serious, yet accessible economics course that is focused on helping students understand the basic principles of economics, connecting these principles to today's economic issues, and developing a lasting interest in economics as a relevant part of their own lives.Foundations of Microeconomics features a tightly constructed pedagogical approach that never wavers from its goal--to give students an in-depth understanding of important economic principles in a way that is clear, concise, and concerned every step of the way with engaging students' interest and understanding. This text is shorter than most and focused on key concepts--but not watered down.The glue that holds together the chapters and the entire teaching/learning package is the "Checkpoint" feature. Bade and Parkin know that the best time to review material is when it's fresh in students' minds. "Checkpoints" reinforce the key points of the chapter by amplifying concepts with a full page of practice problems and solutions that immediately reinforce the learning objectives and strengthen students' understanding of the material.Efoundations, the text's Web site, free with the purchase of any new copy of the book, includes a complete eText, integrated links to the eStudy Guide, Foundations Interactive, Economics in the News, and a full range of Web resources including self assessment quizzes with links back to the eText.