ISBN 9781590597606,Foundations Of Wpf: An Introduction To Windows Presentation Foundation

Foundations Of Wpf: An Introduction To Windows Presentation Foundation






Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781590597606

ISBN-10 1590597605

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Number of Pages 324 Pages
Language (English)

Computers and Internet

Windows Presentation Foundation is a cutting-edge presentation framework for creating high-fidelity applications for Windows Vista and Windows XP. WPF is a composite technology with a noteworthy graphics engine that gives you more control over your applications screen output than has ever been possible in Windows before. New control frameworks and a new XML-based markup language, XAML, complete the core WPF package. On top of this, WPF can be linked to the new Microsoft Expression Suite to simplify the creation of your user interfaces, and it can be linked to .NET 2.0 to handle complex business logic.

Foundations of WPF: An Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation teaches you everything you need to get started with the technology, and is broken into three parts. The first introduces and contextualizes the WPF technology; the second part dives deeper into the facets of the technology that are of immediate and valuable use in developing applications; the last part offers you the real-world perspective you need to be productive in the community and customer base. In summary, this book:

Explains how WPF inter operates with myriad new ancillary and support technologies being released by Microsoft (XAML, WCF, WinFX, and the Expression Design Suite)
Gets you up and running, building applications for the new Windows "Vista" as quickly as possible
Separates design and implementation to make life easier from a business and development perspective