ISBN 9780062189844,Framed In France : Framed In France

Framed In France : Framed In France


Jeff Brown



Harpercollins Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780062189844

ISBN-10 0062189840


Number of Pages 128 Pages
Language (English)

Children Books

In his latest adventure, Stanley heads to Paris, France, to catch an art thief by posing as a famous painting hanging in the Louvre. But when nothing exciting happens, Stanley grows bored, until a school class visits the museum, led by a strict teacher who instructs the students to draw their best impression of the works they see. On their way out, Stanley notices one girl accidentally drop her sketchbook. And its up to Stanley to return it to her! The next day, Stanley explores the city of light and following the address in the sketch book, finds his way to the artist colony Montmartre. There, he sneaks into the art school (Disguised as an art canvas) and manages to give the girl, Etoille, her notepad back. After becoming friends and doing more sight-seeing (Namely climbing the Eiffel Tower), Stanley returns to the museum to wait for the thief. Suddenly, amid some noisy chaos, Stanley realises that the Mona Lisa that hes been staring at all day looks different. Its been switched for a fake! Stanley catches the thief in the act! Its Etoilles teacher, whos been using her students drawings so that she can pull the bait and switch on the real paintings!