ISBN 9780007350964,Frankenstein



Mary Shelley


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780007350964

ISBN-10 0007350961


Number of Pages 230 Pages
Language (English)


Frankenstein is the story of a scientist who, out of his eccentricity and passion for science, developed a creature that he detests and doesn't want anymore. Summary Of The Book Frankenstein is an eternal classic among horror stories. It's a telling of the story of an eccentric scientist, Victor Frankenstein, in epistolary form. The documents through which the story is brought out, are being exchanged between Captain Robert Walton and his sister, Margaret Walton Saville. Robert Walton is a failed writer who has set off on a journey to the North Pole in pursuit of fame. During this voyage, Walton spots a gigantic man pushing a dog sled across the frozen surface. Hours later, he finds a man named Victor Frankenstein, lying on the ice nearly frozen. Victor is immediately rescued. Once he recovers, he meets with the captain and begins recounting the story of his life. Victor Frankenstein was obsessed with science from his childhood. After having enrolled into a university, he excelled at chemistry and the other sciences. During this time, he developed a way of bringing dead things back to life. Through this technique, Victor creates a creature. Although Victor was hoping that his creation would look beautiful, he ends up creating a giant, hideous creature. He is extremely displeased with his creation and disowns it by running away. The creature, though, doesn't give up and follows Victor wherever he goes and pleads him to hear his tale. Victor agrees. The monster narrates his experience of being around people and says he had grown scared of them. Although he wished to befriend them, they kept running away. He then asks Victor to create a female creature of his kind, so that he along with his companion can go to a place uninhabited by man and live happily. Fearing for his family, Victor agrees to creating another creature just like him. But after he recalls the experience he underwent on creating this creature, he begins to have second thoughts. Does Victor go through with this? The series of events that follow are gripping and thought-provoking. This version of Frankenstein doesn't deviate from the original text written by Mary Shelley. It's presented as a fast-paced, exciting novel. The book contains colorful artwork that bring the story and its characters to life. The speech bubbles seek to enhance and emphasize the retelling. Besides, the reader will also find a timeline of the influential inventions and discoveries of Shelley's time, in addition to novels that inspired her. The reader is also introduced to Mary's life and work and a list of TV and film adaptations of Frankenstein. About Mary Shelley Mary Shelley was a writer of short stories, novels, dramas, essays, biographies, and travelogues. She is the author of The Last Man, Mathilda, Falkner, and Rambles in Germany and Italy. Mary was born in London in the year 1797. She was a student of literature and a self-educated writer. Her first poem was published when she was just ten years old. That was the birth of her writing career. She married the great poet Percy Bysshe Shelley in 1816. She died in the year 1851 while living in London.