ISBN 9788130929996,From KIndergarten to Corporation

From KIndergarten to Corporation



Viva Education Private Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788130929996

ISBN-10 8130929996

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Number of Pages 124 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

The Child is father of the Man,' wrote the famous poet William Wordsworth. Kalyan Sagar render poetic justice to what was metaphorical in the poem, easily and effortlessly revealing an array of subtle yet spectaular lessons in leadership that we can learn by observing children. This book reads like a 'leadership fairy tale' replete with fascinating examples of highly successful and legendary business leaders who retained and enacted their 'childlike' character in different situations. This includes recent rags-to-riches stories from across the world. In its insightful comparison of the acts of children with many 'grown-up' attitudes and actions, this book may well set a new direction to Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis in management studies.

If you have been looking for the simplest path to reach the pinnacle of personal and professional success, just keep relentlessly questioning everything - break to build, play by the rules and with them, let the big bully win, be restless with a smile, sing and dance in the rain...and a few other simple things. You will have all the gold and glory, and unalloyed happiness today too, if you follow this book and grow up like a child.


1. Curiosity, Questioning and the Power of Wonder
2. Breaking to Build - The Art of Disruption
3. Dreaming Big and Creating Sandcastles
4. Rules - Playing By them, and With them
5. Forgiving, Forgetting and Letting go
6. From Stand-Alone Loser to Team Leader
7. Leading by Humility and Trust
8. Passion Quotient - Flying with Feet on the Ground
9. "Are We There Yet?" - Rationed Restlessness
10. Having It and Giving It
11. Living and Leading 'Here and Now'
12. Dancing in the Rain

About the Author:

Kalyan Sagar Nippani joined the higher Civil Services in the Central Government through the All India Civil Services Examination. He is presently General Manager ( Finance) and Finance Advisor, Southern Telecom Region, BSNL. He has MBAs in HR and Finance, postgraduate diplomas in Marketing and Business Administration, and an M.Phil. in Sociology. He is the author of the The 7th Sense: Primordial Strategies for Personal and Corporate Success, Winning Without Running, Scientific Laws of Leadership and What My Cat Taught Me and My MBA Didn't: Management Demystified for Everyday Excellence. He is a motivational speaker who calls himself a stand-up comedian of life and livelihood