ISBN 9788188479375,From Science To God

From Science To God


Peter Russell


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Yogi Impressions


ISBN 9788188479375

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"A modern hero's journey - a record of a courageous traveler who has ventured where scientists aren't supposed to go, who has gained great wisdom, and who has returned to share it."
- Larry Dossey, author of Healing Words and Recovering the Soul

What does the speed of light have to do with the Koran, St. John and Aldous Huxley? Where does quantum physics meet the psychology of meditation? And if "I think, therefore I am," why can't physics, chemistry or biology explain where human thought comes from?

From Science to God offers a crash course in the nature of reality. It is the story of Peter Russell's lifelong exploration into the nature of consciousness - how he went from being a strict atheist, studying mathematics and physics at Cambridge University, to realizing a profound personal synthesis of the mystical and scientific. Using his own tale of curiosity and exploration as the book's backbone, Russell blends physics, psychology, and philosophy to reach a new worldview in which consciousness is a fundamental quality of creation. He shows how all the ingredients for this worldview are in place; nothing new needs to be discovered. We have only to put the pieces together and explore the new picture of reality that emerges.

From Science to God is as much a personal story of an open-minded skeptic as it is a tour de force of scientific and religious paradigm shifts. Russell takes us from Galileo's den to the lecture halls of Cambridge where he studied with Stephen Hawking. "If you had asked me then if there was a God," says the best-selling author of his scientific beginnings, "I would have pointed to mathematics." But no matter what empirical truths science offered Russell, one thorny question remained: How can something as immaterial as consciousness, ever arise from something as unconscious as matter?

Integrating a deep knowledge of science with his own experiences of meditation, Russell arrives at a universe similar to that described by many mystics - one in which science and spirit no longer conflict. The bridge between them, he shows, is light. From Science to God invites us to cross that bridge to a radically different, and ultimately healing, view of ourselves and the universe - one in which God takes on new meaning, and spiritual practice a deeper significance.

Over the past twenty years, Peter Russell has consulted with IBM, Apple, American Express, Nike, and other major corporations. His previous books include The TM Technique, The Brain Book, and Waking Up in Time. He lives in Sausalito, CA.