ISBN 9789381957479,Full Marks Social Science Class 10

Full Marks Social Science Class 10


Kumkum Sinha



Full Marks Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789381957479

ISBN-10 9381957479


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 1351 Pages
Language (English)
By using this text, students in the social sciences stream will get a thorough introduction to the various fields of social science. There are four units within this text, which addresses the history of India and the contemporary world, geography of India, political science and democracy, and economics. Within each of these four units, the text addresses specific developments and challenges facing each domain of social science. For example, within the topic of political science, concepts such as democracy and diversity, the outcomes and challenges of democracy, federalism, and political parties, will be further examined. Other sub topics in this book are The Nationalism Movement in Indo-China, Forest and Wildlife Resources, Lifelines of National Economy, Popular Struggles and Movements, Globalisation and the Indian Economy, Consumer Rights, and Mineral Resources. In Full Marks Social Science Class 10, each unit contains a syllabus, facts that matter, flow learning and words that matter, to help students understand the material. The text also contains long and short questions, which will test the student’s comprehension of the material, as well multiple choice questions and answers. The Discussion portion, encourages students to apply their knowledge base to scenarios given in the text. Students are also urged to complete project assignments, based on the information given in that particular unit. Students who are seeking additional support during their studying, can log onto the publishers website, for guidance. This text is ideal for providing students with a general introduction to the social sciences, and who are also considering a career within any of its domains. By using Full Marks Social Science Class 10, students will be guaranteed a high score on their examinations.