ISBN 9788172680329,Fundamentals of Botany

Fundamentals of Botany


Logos Press

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Logos Press

Publication Year 1989

ISBN 9788172680329

ISBN-10 8172680325


Number of Pages 650 Pages
Language (English)

Botany & plant sciences

Botany-the study of plants -tells more than what the science is about; it points back to why mankind ever came to study plants. The reason was that plants are so intimately and fundamentally related to our own lives that it becomes, not only interesting, but absolutely essential to know about them, and understand them. In this volume, the structure of a familiar type of plant is first reviewed and then and elementary study made of the fundamental life processes involved in the nutrition and growth of the individual. The second part of the book is devoted to studying the various kinds of plants, and the different ways in which they solve the same life problem of nutrition and reproduction

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