ISBN 9788126522590,Fundamentals Of Digital Logic And Microcomputer Design

Fundamentals Of Digital Logic And Microcomputer Design



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788126522590

ISBN-10 8126522593

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Edition 5th
Number of Pages 840 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

This book covers all basic concepts of computer engineering and science from digital logic circuits to the design of a complete microcomputer system in a methodical and basic manner. Its intention is to present a clear understanding of the principles and basic tools required to design typical digital systems such as microcomputers.

The book covers the latest version of Altera software called Quartus II. It provides a simplified introduction to VHDL along with a step by step procedure with tutorials on a CD. It is ideal for an introductory course in VHDL, containing digital logic and microprocessors along with both VHDL and Verilog. The material in the text is divided into three sections:
Fundamentals of digital logic circuits and design.
Microprocessor/microcomputer design.
Overview of 16-, 32-, and 64-bit microprocessors manufactured by Intel and Motorola.

Key Features
While most texts either focus on computer design or digital logic and digital systems, this book includes both areas, making it a unique addition to existing literature.
The author has an extensive background in computers and has published numerous books on the subject. He is undoubtedly one of the leading authorities in this field.
This book covers simple topics, such as number system and Boolean algebra, to advanced topics, such as assembly language programming and microprocessor-based system design.
The accompanying CD contains a step by step procedure for installing and using Altera Quartus II software for synthesizing Verilog and VHDL descriptions. Screen shots of the waveforms and tabular forms illustrating the simulation results are also provided in the CD.
The CD also contains a step by step procedure for installing and using MASM 6.11 (8086) and 68asmsim (68000). Screen shots verifying correct operations of several assembly language programs via simulation using test data are also provided in the CD.

About The Author
Dr. M. Rafiquzzaman is recognized for his numerous books on microprocessors, which have been translated into Russian, Chinese and Spanish. He is currently Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Dr. Rafiquzzaman is the founder of Rafi Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of biomedical devices and a computer systems consulting firm in California. Additionally, he is an advisor to the US House Policy Committee's Technology Board, assisting members of the US Congress develop and promote technology in both public and private sectors.

Table Of Contents
Introduction to Digital Systems.
Number Systems and Codes.
Boolean Algebra and Digital Logic Gates.
Combinational Logic Design.
Sequential Logic Design.
Microcomputer Architecture, Programming, and System Design Concepts.
Design of Computer Instruction Set and the CPU.
Memory, I/O, and Parallel Processing.
Intel 8086.
Motorola MC68000.
Intel and Motorola 32- & 64-Bit Microprocessors.
Appendix A: Answers to Selected Problems.
Appendix B: Glossary.
Appendix C: Motorola 68000 and Support Chips.
Appendix D: 68000 Execution Times.
Appendix E: Intel 8086 and Support Chips.
Appendix F: 8086 Instruction Set Reference Data.
Appendix G: 68000 Instruction Set.
Appendix H: 8086 Instruction Set.
Appendix I: Verilog.
Appendix J: VHDL.